ONPASSIVE Uplifts Humanity though O-Bless

18 Apr, 2022 15:46 IST|Sakshi Post

The company initiated its first CSR activity to the homeless, unprivileged and the disabled people

By giving away groceries to 300 Leprosy, TB patients and 30 old aged people 

The event witnessed support from 300+ employees

ONPASSIVE Technologies Pvt Ltd, the global provider of predictive intelligent and business automation services, went ahead forward to uplift the needy under the O-Bless initiative. The event was purely a CSR activity to promote societal and environmental well-being. 

The company gave away groceries to around 280 to 300 people and 30 older people from Sivananda Rehabilitation Center & Joy foundation society in Hyderabad. All the employees actively took part in the event by distributing rice, wheat, toiletries, dairy items that suffice for two to three months.  

Mr. Ash Mufareh - Founder & CEO, ONPASSIVE, said, "Businesses cannot be successful when the society around them fails." Employees who participate in social good activities can be more innovative and collaborative. Employees will produce higher-quality work if they are happy. Participating in any CSR activity can help employees develop good psychological and emotional stability.

At ONPASSIVE, we always strive towards sustainable development, and this event can be a kick-start to many upcoming CSR activities planned for forthcoming days. O-Bless is a platform that enables NGOs and individual campaigners to organize thoughtful and meaningful campaigns for causes that matter and aims towards uplifting humanity”. 

O-Bless, a philanthropic platform that is set to revolutionize the crowdfunding space. It is a platform to connect people to causes giving the opportunity to give back to the community. O-Bless will additionally empower start-ups and innovators all across the world to get financial support & grow their business to the next big thing.

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