YSRCP Seeks Election Commission's Action Against TDP Over False Propaganda

11 Apr, 2021 15:10 IST|Sakshi Post

TIRUPATI: The ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) has filed a complaint with the Election Commission of India on Sunday, seeking action against the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and its candidate for distributing pamphlets that contained false propaganda, that the YSRCP had mortgaged the Special Status for personal gains. The complaint was filed by YSRCP State General Secretary Lella Appi Reddy on behalf of the party. This act was said to be highly objectionable, derogatory and attracting Penal action under the provisions of Representation of Peoples Act of 1951 and that the Central Election Commission should derecognize TDP as mentioned in the complaint.

With the campaigning for the upcoming Tirupati Lok Sabha elections gaining momentum, major political parties are in full swing while conducting rallies, roadshows, and door-to-door campaigns to ensure the victory of their candidates. Most of the State and Central leaders of other parties are already campaigning for their candidates in this fiercely fought battle for the Tirupati parliamentary constituency. Excepting for YSRCP President and Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who choose to cancel his rally on April 14 in the interest of public health and safety due to the coronavirus cases on the rise in the Chittoor district.

He instead wrote letters to the families of the Tirupati parliamentary constituency explaining the welfare schemes of the government and sought people's support for the YSRCP candidate in Tirupati by-poll election. YS Jagan did not criticise opposition parties in the letter instead explained the development and welfare activities of the government in the last 22 months of governance

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The local TDP leadership, in particular, is struggling to make it's chief N Chandrababu Naidu and Nara Lokesh's public meetings a success. Added to their woes, the second wave of the corona epidemic, harvest season, employment guarantee scheme happening at the same time and not to forget the blazing sun is making things very difficult for the TDP cadre to mobilize people for their political meetings.

YSRCP Letter to the Election Commission Of India

SUB: Request to initiate action against TDP Party and it’s contesting candidate for distributing Pamphlets against YSRCP Party with false allegations, that the YSRCP mortgaged the Special status of AP for relief from Personal cases to gain Political advantages Tirupati Parliamentary Constituency Bye-Elections - Reg.
It is respectfully submitted that on the instructions of Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, President of TOP Party on behalf of it’s contesting candidate in Tirupati Bye-Election is distributing Pamphlets with false and bald allegations and it's propaganda against YSR Congress Party and State Government. As if the YSR Congress Party mortgaged Special Status issue to get acquittal in pending cases. In fact such a false propaganda is nothing but in violation of model code of conduct and attributing aspersions to the state and Central Government and Judiciary. It is known fact that, the Telugu Desam Party and the then Ruling Congress Party filed false Cases against YSRCP President and the same are pending before Hon’ble Courts. Once matter is seized by the Courts and same is Sub judice. It is the prerogative of the Judiciary to adjudicate the matters pending before the Court. But, the parties / persons should maintain restrain respecting the outcome of the Courts verdict. But, Telugu Desam Party with a view to gain undue political advantage in the Bye Elections is distributing Pamphlets by making false allegations without any basis against Central, State Governments and Judiciary. The conduct of the Telugu Desam Party is nothing but, contempt of the Court and in utter violation of Model Code of Conduct prescribed by the Election Commission of India and rules framed under Representation of Peoples Act., 1951.
In fact, YSR Congress Party is still committed to its promise and striving hard to get Special Status to State of Andhra Pradesh by all means. YSR Congress Party and State Government is repeatedly requesting and demanding for grant of Special Status, assured in the Floor of House at the time of Bifurcation. Our Hon'ble Chief Minister is tirelessly perusing the matter with the Central Government for grant of Special Status.
Now Telugu Desam Party is distributing Pamphlets with false propaganda as if YSR Congress Party mortgaged Special Status issue for the sake of pending Cases, which act is highly objectionable, derogatory and the same attracts Penal action under the provisions of Representation of Peoples Act., 1951.
Therefore, it is requested to initiate appropriate action against person / Telugu Desam Party and to recommend The Central Election Commission to derecognize Telugu Desam Party.

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