'Warriors' and 'Commandos' To Help BJP In Bihar

14 Oct, 2020 17:13 IST|Sakshi Post

Commandos and warriors – Yes.. the BJP will use them for the upcoming elections in Bihar. There’s only one difference. These warriers and commandos do not carry any weapons. The only weapon they carry is a smart phone. The BJP is going to use 10000 social media commandos and four lakh smart phone warriors in the upcoming elections in Bihar.

According to a BJP functionary, the party is planning eight major rallies from October 15. The number of rallies could even go up to 12 rallies. These rallies would be online rallies. To popularise these rallies, the army of social media activists would be activated. These warriors are going to go to the nook and corner of Bihar and relay the speeches to the voters. The BJP sources say that the people of Bihar are interested in knowing about what is happening on the India-China border in Ladakh. They also want to know about the economy. Hence these social media warriors will take the message of the PM to them.

These social media warriors will also help in spreading the messages of the BJP leaders, including the Prime Minister, among the people. Prime Minister is the most credible leader in the country and the people would want to listen from him. So,the social media warriors will act as the messengers of the BJP, say the party workers. 

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