Municipal Elections: TDP Candidate Fires MLC Buddha Venkanna Over Failure, Audio Tape Goes Viral

17 Mar, 2021 16:07 IST|Sakshi Post
TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna

Internal bickering within the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leadership is coming into the fore after its dismal performance in the Municipal and Corporation Elections in Andhra Pradesh. TDP leaders and party workers are shocked at the fact that they lost and are still trying to understand where they went wrong.

The tier-two leaders who have been working for years for the TDP especially the second rung leaders are upset against top leaders in the Vijayawada Corporation. Municipal corporation candidates are firing on leaders who have tarnished the party's image, especially in the run-up to the elections.

Recently,  a Vijayawada corporation candidate gave an unexpected shock to TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna. Yedupati Venkata Ramani, who lost from Vijayawada 42nd Division, and her husband Yedupati Ramaiah took to Social Media to express their dissent against the leadership.  Ramaiah's post on social media which read as , "Those three are very happy that the party has lost ...'' went viral on social media. After learning about the posting, Buddha Venkanna called up  Ramayiah seeking an explanation. This audio tape is currently going viral on social media.

When Buddha Venkanna tried to seek an explanation from the TDP candidate, the man immediately retorted and fired the TDP MLC. He affirmed that it was he who put the message out of anger against the leadership and gave back a rather heated answer to the TDP leader much to his shock.
His wife  Venkata Ramani  also intervened and  spoke back to Buddha Venkanna saying that though they had worked so hard for the Party they were defeated.

She said that they  had worked for the party believing in them for seven years and had not earned  even a single rupee. Ramaiah's wife complained that they would  all have to resign from the party and move to  Visakhapatnam or any other place to survive.

She chided the TDP MLC saying that, "Big leaders like you will be fine. Sir, look at the lower level workers. The activists are losing faith because of you."

The audio of the phone conversation became viral and it was interesting to know how the party leadership would respond in pacifying the second rung TDP cadre, that are revolting against the senior leadership.

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