Hail Another Lokesh Babu, Srikalasthi Folks Ire At TDP In-charge Bojjala Sudhir

4 Aug, 2021 13:20 IST|Sakshi Post

CHITTOOR: Former Telugu Desam Party (TDP) minister and veteran leader from Srikalahasthi, Bojjala Gopalakrishna Reddy’s B Sudhir Reddy, faced a bitter experience in his hometown after the locals questioned his intentions over a land-grabbing issue on Wednesday.

Bojjala Sudhir Reddy who is also the TDP in-charge of the region had actually come to the region over an issue related to illegal encroachment near Padmalaya lake in the town. A TDP local leader encroached on the lake and raised structures without permission. After the municipal authorities got to know of it they removed the illegal structures and put up notice boards. This incident took place ten days ago. Sudhir on Monday created a ruckus with the authorities about this issue and attempted to sling mud on the government. He tried to stage protest over the construction of houses for the poor which was stalled at Ramachandrapuram near Srikalahasti.


Around 1,748 Indiramma houses were sanctioned under the first tranche during the reign of the late chief minister Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy. The colony was renamed Rajiv Nagar and construction commenced. But due to his sudden demise, the housing construction scheme came to a standstill.

Bojjala Gopalakrishna Reddy a five-time MLA from Srikalahasti and also held several key positions and even served as a minister for environment and forest when Chandrababu Naidu became the chief minister. Despite his posts, he never attempted to build the houses at Rajiv Nagar as they were sanctioned during the previous government. After which the authorities canceled the pattas and gave advance notice to the beneficiaries as the houses were unfinished.

Assuming that nobody would remember the backdrop of these events Bojjala Sudhir Reddy, who reached Srikalahasti last Monday, decided to hold a dharna on Tuesday in Rajiv Nagar in support of the beneficiaries. He arrived there with a few supporters on Tuesday morning. Locals were already opposing him and in order to change the tone and in a slip of the tongue said that during the reign of YS Rajasekhara Reddy, and the TDP government the Rajiv Nagar colony was built. Some of the locals who heard Bojjala’s statements sarcastically remarked that ‘another Lokesh Babu has arrived’ in town.

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