Giddalur MLA Anam Ram Babu Fires JSP Chief Pawan Kalyan

25 Jan, 2021 12:24 IST|Sakshi Post
YSRCP Giddalur MLA Anam Ram Babu

YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) MLA from Giddalur Anna Venkata Ram Babu denied that he was the cause for the suicide of Vengaiah Naidu. Speaking to the media on Sunday, he expressed his condolences over the death of Vengaiah. If Vengaiah committed suicide due to personal reasons, why is he being blamed, he questioned the Jana Sena Party activists.

Clarifying further Anna Ram Babu said that stones were placed across the road and an attempt was made to force him out of the vehicle. The YSRCP MLA explained that 95 per cent of cement roads have been laid in Singarapally. '' A man named Chandu stopped me on that day and Vengaiah happened to be there at the time. I have no dispute with Vengaiah and there was no conflict as projected by the Jana Sena. The minor controversy was edited  and blown out of proportion in the media. I do not know how to politicise someone's death like Pawan Kalyan. I will resign if he can prove that I am the cause of Vengaiah's death, " MLA Anna Ram Babu challenged.

He also said that I have no connection with Vengaiah and he was not even from the region. Vengaiah was an outsider who had resettled in Kanigiri and that he had no connection with that person. The MLA questioned when the person died on the 18th of this month and why had not the family members questioned  him then. To attribute someone else's death who died due to personal reasons on him was unjustified, he said.

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