Chandrababu's 'Real Estate Protest' At Amaravati Not For Dalits: YSRCP MP

9 Aug, 2021 17:28 IST|Sakshi Post

TADEPALLI: YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) MP from Bapatla Nandigam Suresh stated that the Leader of Opposition and TDP Chief N Chandrababu Naidu had no right to talk about Dalits. Speaking to the media on Monday the YSRCP MP said that Chandrababu was opposing the scheme for the housing sites for poor Dalits through his usual dramas. He questioned where was the development of Amravati during Babu's reign. Only when he has to protect the assets of his benamis that he would come out with people and stage protests and dharnas the MP criticized. Chandrababu with his drama-politics is obstructing the distribution of the housing site pattas for the 53  thousand Dalits in the State, he fired.

" Everyone, including Babu, knows why he conducted the protest and for whom he did it.  Chandrababu had stated that the Amravati region was turning into a slum and this statement was enough for one to understand the love Chandrababu had for the Dalits. Should not the Dalits study in English medium should they not have their own houses," he questioned.

He further stated that the Amaravati protest was a farce to protect his own benamis and he is trying to attribute the Dalit colour to it. He said that those women who were seen protesting at the site were Chandrababu's people and not Dalits as he claimed. Even though he doesn’t stay here (Andhra Pradesh), his focus is only on the Amaravati lands. This protest was nothing but an attempt to thwart the prospects of Dalits in the name of protest. While Chandrababu has a direct role in this, the Yellow media like Eenadu, ABN, and TV 5 play an indirect role in fuelling these protests, he alleged.

This is " Real Estate Protest"  is not meant for the Dalits, but only to protect the interests of his Benamis and protect the rates here. On regular days there is not a single person available, but when it comes to protests, they suddenly come and participate, he scoffed. Thie man who once claimed that nobody should be born as Dalits, is still bound by his words, so where does he have the eligibility to talk about them, Nandigam Suresh questioned.

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