Jagat Vikhyat Blames Akhila Priya’s Husband, To Enter Politics On His Own

11 Jul, 2021 13:24 IST|Sakshi Post
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Former minister and controversial TDP leader Bhuma Akhila Priya who is currently lying low after the Haffeezpet land scam issue, is facing a crisis in her political career and on the family front. One on hand as her supporters are slowly moving away from her, news is that there are issues within the family as well. Reports say that her younger brother Bhuma Jagat Vikhyat Reddy seems to have split with his sister Akhila and brother-in-law Bhargav Ram and is making his own plans to enter politics.

While the case pertaining to the Bowenpally kidnap case is still under investigation Hyderabad police have registered a case against Akhila's husband Bhargav Ram and brother Jagat Vikhyat Reddy for submitting false COVID medical certificates to evade police investigation in the case. Jagat and Bhargav had apparently got into a tiff during this time and the same is being discussed in the Alagadda political circles in Kurnool district.

It may be recollected that in January this year, the police registered a case against Akhila Priya, her husband Bhargav  Ram and younger brother Jagat Vikhyat for kidnapping Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao’s relative regarding a 40 acres-land dispute in Hafeezpet. Akhila was remanded to custody for 14 days and sent to Chanchalguda jail and later came out on bail. Bhargav and Jagat who were on the run managed to secure anticipatory bail from the Court without surrendering to the police.

They both did not appear in the City Court for a hearing at Secunderabad on the 3rd of this month. Police went to Lodha's apartments in Kukatpally to take Bhargav into custody for questioning, but Bhargav had instructed the watchman to not let them inside and fled from there. However, the police went into the apartment and conducted a search. The Police have also registered a case against the watchman for obstructing their duties. Bhargav and Jagat Vikhyat submitted fake COVID certificates to avoid the trial. However, the police found these to be false certificates and a criminal case was filed against the lab management in Boyenpally for fabricating these false certificates. Bhargav and Jagat are on the run and the police are on the lookout for them. News is that Bhargav and Jagat are seeking anticipatory bail once again.

Rumours are that Jagat is holding Bhargav’s attitude and interference responsible for the rifts in the family over the past two years.

 After the death of Bhuma Nagireddy, their close relative AV Subba Reddy had come forth and supported Akhila and the family. But after the land dealing case, he left the family. The same was the case with other close relatives including Shivarami Reddy, Nagireddy’s uncle Bhuma Narayana Reddy the former chairman of Vijaya Dairy, and Bhuma Kishore Reddy.

Not just the relatives many of the mandal and village level leaders close to them have slowly distanced themselves from the Bhuma family. Nandyal former MLA Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy is also staying away from party affairs and his brother Mahesh joined the BJP. With this, the Bhuma family in Allagadda has lost its strength in the party circles.

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In this context, the Alagadda YSRCP MLA Ganguly Brijendra Reddy has gained strength. In the wake of these developments, Jagat feels that Bhargav was responsible for the mistakes happening in the Alagadda politics and has had several clashes with him and his sister Akhila.

Jagat is said to have told her that he would be taking care of politics in Alagadda and that Bhargav's intervention was no longer necessary, as per the discussions happening now in Alagadda. Jagat plans to contest in the 2024 elections, but there is another issue. Jagat would be two months less as per the age requirement and cannot contest in the elections and Akhila Priya’s would have to contest. This has put him in a serious quandary now and he is still weighing his options.

Meanwhile, the Hyderabad police are investigating the land dealing and kidnapping case seriously. Police sources say that it is difficult for the court, which had once granted anticipatory bail, cannot grant the same once again this time. Despite all these issues weighing down, it seems that the Jagat is preparing to go alone in the coming elections, sidelining Akhila and Bhargava Ram.

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