Cinema Bandi Premieres on Netflix

14 May, 2021 15:14 IST|Sakshi Post

The Directors of The Family Man 2, Raj & DK have come up with D2R Indie Banner to promote the young talent. Their first film, Cinema Bandi is premiering on Netflix from May 14th and like all of their films, Cinema Bandi has managed to grab the attention of the audience. Here are some excerpts from an interview with Raj & DK:

Cinema Bandi is the first from D2R Indie. What excited you so much?

Cinema Bandi is a simple story. But Praveen (director) and Vasanth (writer) came up with a flipbook which is like the entire story in pictures. We liked their homework and they sounded passionate. We asked them to come back with a ten minutes short film. They came back with a 40 minutes short film and they were able to do 80% of what they narrated. It is full of honesty and good emotions. Audience will fall in love with it. 

How much is your involvement in the movie?

For every film, we work on, regardless of our script or not. We sit together and try to better. We sat with Praveen and Vasanth. We bettered the script and did try to keep it natural with a real village setup and natural actors. We want it to be natural and raw. People will like it for sure.

Is this an OTT film or is it for the theaters when you started?

The idea of D2R Indie is about encouraging cinema regardless of that. Having said that we feel the Telugu audience would have definitely accepted the film in theaters as well. Yes, we would have gone to the theaters if the times are normal.

What about The Family Man 2? This time you have Samantha on board.

We are as excited as you. It will come this summer as we promised. Samantha played a bold character in Super Deluxe. We thought she is the one. She was also excited and was game for almost everything. We were surprised by it. 

When can we expect your first Telugu directorial?

It was supposed to happen a couple of years. But the logistics did not work out on their side and our side. We have a couple of scripts ready and we hope it will happen soon. We started our journey in Hyderabad and we are looking forward.

Your Future Projects:

There is a web series with Shahid Kapoor. We have another big venture which will be produced by Russo Brothers from Hollywood. They are entering into the Indian OTT market with that project and we are super excited about it.

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