Bigg Boss OTT: Who Will Win The Ticket To Finale Task

9 Sep, 2021 12:31 IST|Sakshi Post

As we saw in the recent episode, all the connections in Bigg Boss OTT are now dissolved. Every contestant is playing to win. It is a solo game for all. Also, the Ticket to Finale task has started and everyone wants to win it to secure their position in the final.

Different tasks are going on and to win the ticket you need to move forward by winning all these tasks. The contestants in Bigg Boss OTT gave their best to win the task. But now we finally have our top contenders. There are four Semi-Finalists of the Ticket to Finale task. Raqesh Bapat, Pratik Sehajpal, Divya Agarwal, Neha Bhasin will be going forward now. For others, the race is over.

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If you look at these four semi-finalists, who do you think has the potential to win? Many fans are saying that Pratik Sehajpal will win and others are saying that Divya Agarwal will win. The viewers are majorly divided between these two. Looking at how it has been over the weeks, Divya fans want her to win as she has struggled more than others.

But it will all depend on how these players perform in the coming task. They are only in the semi-finals now and will have to work hard to win the ticket. Chances for Pratik or Divya winning it are really high. But for Raqesh and Neha, it doesn’t seem so likely.

We now wait for the next episode and the next task to come up. Whoever wins the task, wins the ticket to finale for Bigg Boss OTT.

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