Bigg Boss OTT: Kamya Panjabi Slams Shamita Shetty; Here’s Why?

12 Sep, 2021 11:44 IST|Sakshi Post

We all know that Kamya Panjabi loves watching Bigg Boss and is often seen sharing her opinions regarding the show on Twitter. The actress is now also following Bigg Boss OTT and recently commented on Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat. These two are considered as the closest duo in the house but something is not right about their relationship.

Fans pointed out that Shamita only likes it when Raqesh does as she pleases. She wants him to do as she says. This happened a lot while they were a connection and now that everyone is playing their solo game, these two have also gone their separate ways but are still close. Their relation is still going strong.

But the way Shamita treats Raqesh is not being appreciated by the audience which also includes some of the famous celebrities who are avid viewers. The Shakti actress took to Twitter and wrote, “You are right #shamita @RaQesh19 is not the man for you, you want someone who can dance on ur beats.. Raqesh is definitely not the one! N yes he is not confused in fact he seems to be more clear now. #BiggBossOTT.”

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What irks Shamita is Raqesh’s close friendship with Divya Agarwal. He was seen taking care of Divya when she became emotional and started crying. Shamita did not like him diverting his attention towards her. Shamita was also seen complaining to Neha Bhasin that if not for their connection, Raqesh would immediately go to Divya.

She often gets upset and angry with Raqesh when he ends up paying attention to anyone else apart from her. She scolded him many times over this. Now that their connection is over, it is to be seen how things take a further turn.

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