Bigg Boss Hit All Time Low With Moose Jattana Unfair Eviction, Say Netizens

13 Sep, 2021 13:03 IST|Sakshi Post

A lot is being said about Bigg Boss OTT. The audience is not happy with how it is progressing. Many have complained that there are probably not even getting counted. The contestants that they like are getting evicted and the non-deserving ones are still in the house. Viewers are divided on this and the main contestant here is Neha Bhasin.

Many have said that Neha doesn’t deserve to be on the show yet the makers are trying all sorts of strategies to keep her safe. Moose Jattana was eliminated last night on the Sunday ka Vaar episode and that didn’t sit well with the Bigg Boss fans. ‘Unfair eviction’ started trending on Twitter as fans demanded a transparent counting of the votes.

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“This is an all-time low in the history of BB history! This was the most, not just a biased elimination but manipulation and outright kick on the audience’s votes, by operating two standards for the same voting pattern!!!,” wrote a Twitter user.

Another one wrote that “We are paying for voting. We are paying for a subscription. And makers are cheating.. It's a scam.. Worst season ever.” Audiences believe that their votes are not even being considered and it’s the makers deciding who gets eliminated. It is difficult to say if Moose in reality got more votes than Neha or not? Moose might have been playing well, but based on Neha’s popularity and fanbase, it will be hard to confirm anything.

Netizens have been in doubt ever since Akshara Singh made those controversial comments in her video regarding Bigg Boss OTT. She said that the questions asked in the name of ‘audience’ are not really by the audience. It is the show makers, staff, and other company persons posing as the “Aam Janta” and asking questions that will make a particular contestant look bad. Since then, viewers have been more pissed off.

Some industry insiders are saying that the big names inside the house like Shamita Shetty and Neha Bhasin have a ‘minimum guarantee’ meaning they will not be eliminated for a significant period of time. The other contestants will be evicted but not them. The cancellation of the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task raised many questions as well.

Here are some of the tweets by fans demanding an answer from the makers.

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