Kashmir Skier Arif Khan First Indian to Qualify For Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

22 Nov, 2021 10:22 IST|Sakshi Post

Arif Khan, who has international expertise, is expected to perform admirably and bring pride to India.

Arif Khan, an alpine skier from Kashmir, has become the first Indian to qualify for the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, which will begin on February 4, 2022. Qualifying for the Winter Olympics is a rare accomplishment for Indian athletes. The Winter Olympics are traditionally dominated by athletes from Europe, the United States, and Canada. Arif Khan, on the other hand, qualified for the finals in Dubai on Saturday.

Omar Abdullah, the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, congratulated Arif and expressed his happiness on Twitter. "Congratulations, Arif, for qualifying for the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2022. We will all be rooting for you," he added.

Meanwhile, Farooq Khan, the Lieutenant Governor of J & K's advisor, noted that the establishment of world-class sports infrastructure, including training and coaching facilities, has begun to bear fruit. Arif Khan is expected to be the first of many who will follow in his footsteps.

Siva Keshavan had previously risen to prominence after representing India in the huge event at the Winter Olympics. In 2011, he earned a gold medal and established a new Asian record in the Asian Luge Cup in Japan. Despite his lacklustre performance at the Winter Olympics, he was successful in raising awareness of winter sports in India. As a result of the exposure provided to his work, winter sports facilities were built in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir, where there is lots of winter tourism and skiing and snowboarding.

Arif Khan, who has foreign expertise, is expected to perform admirably and bring pride to India. He has previously competed for India in several international competitions, including the World Championships. Although he did not win any gold, he got vital experience competing against elite athletes from across the world. That background will serve him well when he travels to Beijing early next year.

The Winter Olympics, like the Summer Olympics, are held every four years. This is also a big sporting event that was first held in France in 1924. The alpine skiing event was not initially scheduled for the Winter Olympics but was later added. It is at this event that Arif Khan will take part.

Unsurprisingly, European countries have always performed well in this competition. Austria leads the medal tally with 121 medals, including 37 gold, since the event's debut. So far, Switzerland is in the second position with 22 golds (a total of 66 medals), while the United States is in third place with 17 golds (a total of 17 medals).

An Indian contestant may not win a medal while competing against competitors who have good year-round training facilities and coaching. But there must be a beginning to everything. Arif Khan will create waves in India even if he finishes in the top ten. He may encourage other young people to participate in the sport, raising the general standard.

A few months ago, India had its greatest ever result at the Tokyo Olympics, winning seven medals, including one gold. Indian athletes will win gold in the Winter Olympics in the future, and the Indian flag will fly high at these sites as well, thanks to their hard work and training.

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