Vijay Chauthaiwale Punch To Rahul Gandhi: COVID Vaccine Not Like Becoming Congress President

24 Nov, 2020 13:10 IST|Sakshi Post

With the increase in COVID cases in India, people are now concerned. There are vaccines being developed by scientists and medical experts across the world. But before any vaccine is finally introduced to the public, it is very important that it is tested well. Only after it is confirmed that the COVID vaccine is 100% safe, should it be available to the public.

Regarding the development of vaccines in India, Member of Congress party, Rahul Gandhi has asked a few questions to the ruling government. With regards to all the vaccine candidates, he has asked when and which vaccine will be available. How will it be distributed and when can we expect all the Indian to be successfully vaccinated? Also will the PM-Cares fund be used for helping with free vaccination?

To this the BJP Foreign Affairs Dept in-charge, Dr Vijay Chauthaiwale responded by taking a dig at the Gandhi family. Chauthaiwale said that choosing a vaccine is not like choosing the president for Congress party. Adding to it, he said that in Congress party, anyone with or without competence is chosen as the party president if he/she belongs to the Gandhi family. But vaccination is not as simple as that.

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