Twitter Gives in to India's IT Rules, Promises to Make Every Effort to Comply

10 Jun, 2021 11:30 IST|Sakshi Post

After a lot of drama and discussion, the social media platform, Twitter has finally decided to give in and comply with all the IT rules set by the Indian government. Twitter wrote to the centre, confirming that they are trying to work everything out. They are making necessary efforts for it and will get back to the centre with additional information. They asked for a week.

In the letter that Twitter shared with the government, they said that it will take some more time. Due to Covid19, they are not able to do things at a faster pace. It has become difficult for them to make all the arrangements to comply with the 2021 rules.

The Indian government has sent many warnings to the microblogging site. They have been engaged in a social media and IT war for the past few weeks. Last week, the centre sent a final warning to Twitter for them to comply with the new rules or they are likely to face a ban.

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While giving a statement to a news agency, Twitter said that “we are in the ultimate stages of finalizing the appointment to the role of Chief Compliance Officer and we plan to provide further information to you in the next few days and at the latest within a week.” Twitter confirmed that they have appointed the necessary persons for the same.

In a letter shared by the company, they shared that “To comply with the underlying intention behind guidelines, we've appointed Nodal Contact Person & Resident Grievance Officer on contractual basis as we recruit to fill the position permanently.”

New IT Rules

According to the new IT rules, social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and other such sites should take responsibility for the content posted on their platform. These platforms should be more accountable. The new guidelines given to the social media platforms were actually issued on February 25. The government gave three months for the platforms to comply.

Any social media platform, which has more than 5 million users in India, comes under the ambit of the IT rules. The main requirement of the rule is that social media platforms have to appoint a resident grievance officer who is from India as part of a larger grievance redressal mechanism.

The rule also says that the platforms should also have a mechanism to help authorities identify the content's original creator in case of shared content.

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