Shaheen Bagh Dadi Bilkis Bano Stopped From Joining Farmers' Protests, Azad And Yadav Joins

2 Dec, 2020 13:17 IST|Sakshi Post

There has been a large protest going on in Delhi. Farmers are protesting against the new farming laws passed this year. Many people from all over India are standing in support of the farmers.

On Tuesday (1 Dec) 82 year old Bilkis Bano famously known as (Dadi of Shaheen Bagh) also joined the protest. Pappu Yadav and Dalit leaders Chandrashekhar Azad also took part in the protest that was held near Delhi borders. Azad and Pappu Yadav were able to reach the Ghazipur border. But Bilkis Bano couldn’t as the Delhi police had stopped her from joining.

Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad and its supporters came in with flags and slogans in solidarity of the farmers. The Bhim Army supporters were there since morning whereas Azad came in at noon and pledged his support to the farmer.

Chief Azad expressed his agitation against the BJP government for resorting to harsh methods like using water cannons and tear gas on the farmers. Using lathis on these farmers proves the central government is afraid of them, he added.

Later it was Jan Adhikar Party chief Pappu Yadav and his supporters who joined the protest. Yadav said that he stands with the farmers in their struggle and that the new agricultural laws should be shelved.

The Dadi of Shaheen Bagh, Bilkis Bano also wanted to join the protest. But she was stopped by Police officials at the Singhu border. Police said that this decision was taken for her safety as crowded places could be risky for an elderly person during COVID-19 time.  Before leaving, Bano said that we all are daughters of the farmers. It is our duty to support them. We should raise our voices against the government. 

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