Seized Vehicles in Khajaguda Police Ground Pile Up After Enforcement Drives Increase

2 Mar, 2021 17:06 IST|Sakshi Post

Seized vehicles increase is due to an increase in enforcement drives by the Traffic Wing.

Hyderabad: The Khajaguda Police Ground near Raidurgam is slowly turning into a massive parking lot. Here there is an increase in the number of vehicles being parked. These vehicles are not parked there simply, but for a valid reason. The vehicles are seized during the special drives taken up by the Cyberabad Traffic Police against drunk driving and other violations.

Officials seize vehicles for specific violations like drunk driving or vehicles involved in accidents or other criminal cases and park them either at the local police station or a designated area like an open ground. Several hundreds of vehicles that were seized are parked at the Khajaguda ground, ranging from two-wheelers to cars and auto-trolleys. They all belong to cases pertaining to the Gachibowli and Madhapur police stations.
Officials say the increase in the number of seized vehicles is due to an increase in enforcement drives by the Traffic Wing.

“We are seizing several vehicles during these special drives and shifting them to the Police Grounds and parking them there. The owners will collect them after due court procedures. As the vehicles are being collected by the owners from time to time, we have no issue of them getting piled up,” said an official from Cyberabad.

The police, as a practice, call for a public auction for vehicles that have been abandoned for several years. Those are the lucky ones, while there are a few hundred, with no one returning to claim them, do not find luck in auctions and end up mere rusting pieces of metal.

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