People Coming To Delhi, India From UK Test COVID Positive

25 Dec, 2020 13:51 IST|Sakshi Post

DELHI: At least 5 people who landed in Delhi from the UK tested Covid positive. This includes crewmates as well. Every passenger coming from the UK is being tested and monitored. Any person who flew with the COVID positive person is also being monitored.

The Delhi government on Tuesday said that everyone who travelled from the UK is being tracked and monitored. These people are being put in quarantine. “The Delhi government is on alert in the wake of a mutated coronavirus strain detected in the UK. The situation is being closely monitored, as this strain is more transmissible,” said Delhi Health minister

Owing to the rapid spread of new strain and the ongoing tension of coronavirus, the Health Minister Eatala Rajender has requested everyone not to conduct any mass gatherings or parties during this Holiday season.

All the flights from the UK have been suspended recently. This suspension will last until 31st December.

Similar incident took place in Telangana. At least 7 People out of many who came back from the UK to India were tested COVID-19 positive. This test took place in Telangana and now the samples have been sent to labs for testing. The test is to determine if these people have been infected by the new strain of coronavirus.

A total of 1,200 passengers landed in Telangana; these people flew from or by way of the UK in the past 15 days. Out of these, 846 persons have undergone COVID tests. 

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