New York Times Image of ‘Last Best Hope’ Modi On Front Page is Fake

29 Sep, 2021 17:08 IST|Sakshi Post
Pic Courtesy: NYT (Twitter)

Recently a photo of the New York Times featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi on their front page went viral. The front page features an article on Modi with the headline, “Last, Best Hope of Earth”. This image went viral on social media platforms especially WhatsApp and Twitter. This was called out by the New York Times who clarified that the image is fake and was photoshopped by someone.

“This is a completely fabricated image, one of many in circulation featuring Prime Minister Modi,” wrote NY Times on Twitter. “Resharing or circulating photoshopped images online only adds to misinformation and uncertainty, at a time when truthful, trusted journalism is needed most,” added the newspaper.

NY Times also gave a link to their actual report on Modi. “All of our factual reporting on Narendra Modi can be found at,” they said while sharing the link.

In this photoshopped image you can see New York Times’ front-page report on Modi dated September 26. The headline read, “LAST, BEST HOPE OF EARTH” along with a photo of the PM. “WORLD’S MOST LOVED AND MOST POWERFUL LEADER, IS HERE TO BLESS US,” it read.

The image is dated September 26 but the spelling of ‘September’ is wrong. Also, the font style is not similar to what NYT uses. This fabricated image went viral post-PM Modi’s recent visit to the US. Many Netizens, especially Indians thought this article on Modi to be real while most knew that it was a joke/meme. The comment section reacted to NYT’s fact check post on Twitter.

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