Netizens Fire Man Who Sought Bride With Perfect Figure in Matrimonial Ad

25 Nov, 2021 13:17 IST|Sakshi Post

Internet is filled with bizarre stuff. The bizarrely exact list of requirements in a matrimonial ad has enraged the Internet, including, the woman's breast, waist, and other specifications. The ad was posted on a matrimonial site called by a man looking for a bride, and it has recently gone viral on social media.

The man said he was looking for a woman who was "5'2 to 5'6" tall and measured "32b to 32c, size 12-16 (waist) and foot size 6-7. It was so specific that it took everyone by surprise. 

She should be conservative but also liberal, lively but down to earth, and be open to roleplays and costumes in bed, according to the ad. The woman must also like dogs and be between 18 and 26 age. The man listed everything from age to height, boob size, waist, personality and other minute specifications.

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Netizens were enraged reading the ad. “Who is this cartoon?” asked one user. "This guy wants character customization, not a partner. Good god" added another one. said it had taken action against the user for breaking the platform's terms and conditions after the ad went popular on Twitter. In a tweet, the matrimonial website said, "Necessary action has been taken against the user for violating our User Terms and Conditions."

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