MSP Will Be Protected: Centre Gives It in Writing to Agitating Farmers

9 Dec, 2020 17:51 IST|Sakshi Post

The centre has given their reply to the farmers who have been protesting in Delhi for the past few weeks against the three new farm laws. The Centre has sent out a written assurance to different areas’ farmers. The draft was sent out to 13 farmers' unions. According to the letter, the Electricity Amendment bill will be scrapped. Minimum Support Price (MSP) will continue. 

After discussion, the farmers have decided that they will not end their protest. First all the contentious farm laws should go.

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Here is what the draft mentioned. The government said that they are ready to help the farmers. They will listen to all their concerns and will also provide clarifications on the laws. The biggest fear farmers have is that the laws are going to help the corporates take advantage of them. To this, the reply was that no buyer will be taking any kind of loans on the farmlands.

Before the letter reached these farmer unions, all the farmers sat in a meeting where they discussed further actions. They decided that the protest will not be over until all the laws are gone. Just a few changes and amendments are not enough.

Farmers said that they will have a meeting and discuss the government sent proposal in their meeting. But they are not going to leave. The government is acting stubborn and does not want to agree to the farmers demands. Then the framers as well are not going to leave until a decision is made, said Rakesh Tikait, spokesperson of the Bhartiya Kisan Union. 

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