Maharashtra Fisherman Turns Millionaire After Catching Ghol Fishes Worth Crores

5 Sep, 2021 16:20 IST|Sakshi Post

They say the sea can either be harsh or can lead you to a treasure. Well, that is exactly what happened with a fisherman in Maharashtra. His fortunes turned when he caught several Ghol fishes which are rare and expensive.

Chandrakant Tare a fisherman based in Palghar, Maharashtra turned into a millionaire after he captured 157 Ghol fishes that were worth Rs 1.33crore. When this news came out, all were shocked as these fishes are rare to find and the fisherman here was able to trap so many. As it was the start of the fishing season after the monsoon ban, Tare went off to fishing, but it was not one of the usual days for him. The fisherman was able to catch 157 Ghol fishes and strike gold.

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The boat crew was astonished as it was a rare occurrence. Where it is difficult to catch even one Ghol fish, this man was able to get hold of so many. Now, Tare’s son Somnath is trying to sell these fishes. All the Ghol fishes were put up for auction on the online platform at a total of Rs. 1.33 crore. It is unclear whether the deal was finalized or not.

About the Ghol Fish

Ghol fish is a sort of croaker fish that is biologically classified as 'Protonibea Diacanthus'. But with the increase in pollution levels in the environment, these fish are becoming increasingly scarce. The seas are no longer good for them, so the fishes keep migrating to the deeper levels of the sea.

What makes these fish so special is that they have a pouch-like thing in their stomach that has high medicinal properties. Its value is too much with the price going exceptionally high in the foreign markets. The rate in the overseas market is higher as Ghol fishes are found mainly in the Indo-Pacific region. Even that is becoming rare with the fishes preferring deeper seas now.

Fisherman Chandrakant Tare surely struck gold.

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