Karnataka Residents To Get Free COVID Vaccine Shots

21 Dec, 2020 15:02 IST|Sakshi Post

After Bihar, Kerala and few other Indian states announcing free COVID vaccine for its residents, one more state has joined this list. Karnataka will mostly be the next state that will be giving COVID vaccine shots for free to all its residents.

Health and Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar said, “Either the Government of India or the Government of Karnataka or both together will ensure that the costs of the Covid-19 vaccine to be rolled out will be taken care of in the interest of the people. Money is not an issue.”

This came as a response to questions by Bengaluru reporters. The minister also added that, “Right from day-1, we have been offering free tests and treatment to many. We have tested more than 1.2 crore people in the state for COVID-19 free of cost. The government is proactive and committed to handling this pandemic.”

Bengaluru, Karnataka has banned the New Year celebrations in the state. Owing to the fact that such celebrations usually involve large gatherings, this decision was taken in light of the current pandemic. Such parties should be avoided. The ban has been imposed for four days. It will be from December 30 to January 2.

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Minister Sudhakar said that, “Thousands gather together in congested places usually for New Year celebrations, especially in areas of Bengaluru and other urban areas in a claustrophobic atmosphere. This should be avoided. The government has taken all measures to discourage such events this time.” 

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