IAS Officer Ramachandru Tejavath’s Interactive Session Inspires Students Of Hindu College, Delhi

27 Apr, 2021 16:31 IST|Sakshi Post

New Delhi : As part of Zenith 2021, an annual department fest organised by the Department of B. A Programme, Hindu College, Delhi (affiliated to University of Delhi), an informative virtual interactive workshop was organised on the first day in the presence of bureaucrat Ramachandru Tejavath. The engaging session lasting over two hours threw light on the four-decade journey of the IAS officer across the corporate sector, government and social work arenas. Currently, a Special Representative of the Government of Telangana, Ramachandru Tejavath utilised the opportunity to discuss the role and opportunities for youth in governance at length.

“Students of this day are privileged to plan their careers, unlike our generation. Work towards making a career out of your passion and don't choose it merely for materialistic gains. No profession is big or small and any role you choose will have a definite impact on society. Knowledge and skills shall take you forward. Parents and teachers play a crucial role in nurturing innate talents. Don’t let criticism deter your spirit,” Ramachandru Tejavath addressed the students.

“Having studied in Telugu medium till the 12th grade, I couldn't frame a single correct English sentence on a university level (OU) in 1971. Many mocked me, but I had two choices – either to fight the situation or go back to the village and lead an ordinary life. A few years later, I was the first student of OU in its six-decade history to have cleared the IIM, Ahmedabad entrance exam in 1976. It wasn’t a miracle but a tale of determination,” he reminisced the early years of his eventful journey. 

From completing his Diploma in Public Administration from Syracuse University, NY, USA to his corporate stint at IBM-CMC and clearing IPS, IAS in 1983 and 1984, Ramachandru Tejawath played key administrative roles in the Odisha State and Government of India for the next three and a half decades. The many highlights of Ramachandru Tejavath’s career served as a source of inspiration for several students.

The bureaucrat further cautioned students to not be distracted by the 3Cs in life – cinema, cell phone and cricket – to attain success. Clearing several myths about the preparation for UPSC, Ramachandru Tejawath opined that it’s important to not underestimate oneself at any stage in life. “Public service was my only motto and that’s the reason, no roadblock could affect me through my career.” The session ended with several poignant questions from the students about his life as an IAS officer and the answers, filled with personal anecdotes, made for a rewarding listen.

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