Govt Only Wants Welfare Of Corporates

30 Nov, 2020 16:27 IST|Sakshi Post

Farmers from all over India have been protesting against the three new farm laws that were passed in Parliament, earlier this year. The protest is taking place in Delhi. On being asked about the "Dilli Chalo" protest and their demands, the farmers said that the BJP government is talking a lot about these new laws. They are claiming that these laws are in favor of the farmers, when in reality it is only going to benefit the corporates. Adding to this, one of the farmers union leaders also said that, during their meeting with the government officials on 13th (Friday), they even questioned as to which farmer thinks these laws are good?

While recalling the farmers struggle in 1976, the protestors said that in 1976 when farmers protested against the zonal restrictions, 1,450 farmers were put in jail for more than a month. It was a long battle, but ultimately the order came from the High Court, saying that the farmers should not be stopped from selling their crops anywhere in the country. To this day, the farmers were able to sell their produce anywhere in the country.

But "One nation one market" has now become a myth. The laws are only to favor and benefit the corporates. It is more like “one nation two markets.”

The farmers were promised a meeting with the officials without any pre-conditions and restrictions. But in a letter sent by Home Minister Amit Shah, it was stated that a meeting with the farmers will take place on Dec 3rd. But if farmers wish to prepone the discussion, then they will have to move their protest to a Government assigned venue. One of the farmer leaders said that it feels like betrayal. After being told about free discussion, the central government is now adding in conditions. He added that the farmers will go home as soon as their demands are met.

For the past few weeks, many farmers have been protesting in Delhi against the new Farmer laws. They have faced a lot of struggles in order to reach Delhi. But even now thousands of farmers are waiting outside Delhi borders, waiting for a decision to be taken. 

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