Geesukonda Mass Murder Convict On Death Penalty Awarded Life Imprisonment By Warangal Court

12 Dec, 2020 15:00 IST|Sakshi Post

Warangal Mass Murderer Sanjay Kumar Yadav was sentenced to life imprisonment by a local court. Earlier he was given death penalty for the ‘Geesukonda mass murders’ and sexually assaulting a teenage girl and impregnating her.

In a report, Public Prosecutor M. Satyanarayana Goud said that the girl’s mother had an affair with Sanjay. During their time together, Sanjay laid her eyes on the 15-year old girl. The woman’s husband left her and now stays in West Bengal.

When the mother started to insist for them to get married, Sanjay devised a plan. He took the woman on a train journey in the pretext to take her to his parents. Near Tadepalligudem in Andhra Pradesh, Sanjay pushed the woman off the speeding train, killing her. Upon his return to Warangal, the mother’s relatives kept questioning him. Upon getting a fevered reaction from him, they sensed something was wrong. Sanjay ended up killing nine other people in order to hide the woman’s murder, explained Goud.

During the investigation, they found that the girl was sick. Upon getting her medical examination done, they realized that she was pregnant. The girl later confessed that Sanjay had indeed assaulted her. FIR for nine murders and rape was filed against him. The girl went through an abortion with the approval of her relatives and her father. The reports from the DNA test proved Sanjay to be responsible.  

Special Judge K. Jaya Kumar ordered the State government to pay a compensation of ₹ 4 lakh to the 15-year old girl. The girl and her two minor brothers also lost their mother at the hands of Sanjay.

When the court announced death penalty for Sanjay on Oct 28, the trail was for rape was still going on. Now the judge has put Sanjay guilty under IPC sections of 376 (N) and 376 (3), also POCSO act. He has received life imprisonment till death. 

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