Elderly, Health Workers To Be Vaccinated First In Brazil

3 Dec, 2020 14:03 IST|Sakshi Post

BRAZIL: On Tuesday, the Brazil Health Ministry announced their initial plans for COVID vaccination. According to the four-stage plan, the elderly people of age 75 and above and health workers will be vaccinated first. This will be the first stage of their plan.

In the second stage people between 60 and 74 years will be given the vaccine. For the third stage it will prioritize the people with severe health conditions like heart or kidney diseases. The final stage will have security personnel, teachers. This will also include prison officers, staff and inmates as well.

Out of the total population of 212 million in Brazil, this plan is expected to cover 109.5 million people. The plan will be discussed further and finalized after deciding on the vaccine. The best vaccine for Brazil will be the one with one-dose, easy to transport and store as well, said a senior Health Ministry official.

As of December there are 6.4 million registered cases in Brazil with 173,000 deaths due to the virus. 

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