Dilli Chalo Explained: Why Are Punjab Farmers Protesting In Delhi, What Are Their Demands

28 Nov, 2020 12:38 IST|Sakshi Post

Many farmers from Punjab are now protesting in Delhi against the new farm laws. Thousands of farmers continue to enter the capital city in order to gain the attention of the central government. More than 10 farmers have even lost their lives during the protest.

Leaders representing over 31 farm bodies planned a protest in Delhi. Many farmers have entered Delhi through various routes. They are here to get an answer for their demands. While some farmers are now camping at the large Delhi ground many of them decided to stay at the borders and continue their protest.

There are mainly the demands that these farmers have.

  • The most important demand is the reduction in three agri reform laws. The reforms might end up helping the hoarders. According to the farmers, these reforms will favor privatization.
  • The second demand is a promise that the MSP and conventional food grain procurement system will continue freely.
  • The next demand was an issue with the power supply. The farmers union has to say that due to the electricity bill amendment, the farmers are likely to lose access to free power and electricity in Punjab.
  • The farmers also want their fellow farmers to be freed; these farmers were arrested on charges of burning paddy stubble.

The recent talks between the farmer union leaders and the government officials did not succeed in coming to a beneficial result. A committee was set up who will look into these demands.

There was some relief after the committee was set up. 30 farmer unions out of the total 31, have decided to lay off the protests and free the railway stations. This agreement comes with a 15 days ultimatum. After December 10th, the protest will start again had the demands not been met. 

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