Coronavirus Came From India, Allege Chinese Scientists

30 Nov, 2020 12:44 IST|Sakshi Post

Scientists and experts in China are now alleging that the coronavirus originated from India. It can be dated to July-August 2019. According to the Chinese scientists, in May 2019 when India was facing unbearable heat, human beings and animals ended up sharing the same water sources.

There has been much research carried out and reports made by the Media and experts in China. According to these reports, the food consignments that China received from various countries could be the source. A particular fish consignment from India allegedly had traces of COVID-19. Now the Chinese scientists are claiming that this might’ve been the source of the virus entering the country.

Speaking on the matter, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that just because China was the first country to report coronavirus cases, it doesn’t imply that the virus originated in China. He also said that in order to trace the origin of the virus, many countries should work together. All the scientific experts should come together and extensive research should be done. Tracing the origin of a virus is an ongoing and ever-evolving process.

Many people are saying that all this is being done to shift the blame from Beijing to other countries. Glasgow University expert, David Robertson shared that this is just another poor attempt at shifting the blame onto foreign countries.

The world is facing a pandemic. Coronavirus cases that were first reported in Wuhan district in December 2019, have now put the world in lockdown. 

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