Class 6 Girl Fought For Her Rights, Even If It Meant Standing Against Her Father

23 Nov, 2020 15:23 IST|Sakshi Post

ODISHA: It takes a lot of courage to fight for oneself, but it is even harder to fight your own family. A little girl of Class-6 from Kendrapada gathered the courage to walk 10kms in order to reach the DM’s office.

Upon reaching the office, the girl handed a written complaint against her father. She claims that her midday meal benefits and money were taken away by her father. As soon as he received the complaint, Kendrapada collector Samarth Verma ordered the officials to transfer all the benefits to her personal bank account. He also made sure that the girl gets all the rice and money back from her father.

It is a government scheme under which Rs. 8 per day is transferred into each student’s bank account. If the child does not have a bank account, the proceedings will be transferred in the parent or guardian’s account. Also 150 grams of rice is provided to the child, under the mid-day meal scheme.

The girl has her personal bank account, but all the proceedings went into her father’s account. Even though the girl does not live with her father anymore, her father would still collect the rice in her name. The girl made a long journey to get what belonged rightfully to her. 

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