Boycott Fem, Dabur Trends Over Lesbian Karwa Chauth Ad!

24 Oct, 2021 13:28 IST|Sakshi Post

Advertisements and Commercials nowadays are seeing a change from the regular ideas. Some are being praised by the audience and go viral on social media for good reasons while ads face slack and become targets of backlash. These ads are especially important during the festival season.

During festivals, new ads are released. The brands and products try to come up with something new and ideas that will interest the audience. But sometimes it could all go wrong. Dabur's Fem recently shared an advertisement that celebrated 'Karva Chauth,' which received varied responses.

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In the ad, you can see two women getting ready for the festival. They are using the face bleaching product. Later an elderly woman comes to give these two clothes to wear for the occasion. They get dressed and are discussing why they kept the fast. Then the scene shifts to the rooftop where we see that the two women kept the fast for each other.

Many on Twitter shared the ad and praised the company for LGBTQ inclusion. People said that we must normalize same-sex relationships and be more open as a society. But it also caused an uproar and there were many who were not happy with the ad. Social media was filled with mixed reactions and reviews.

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