Young Doctor on COVID Duty Ends Life Over Miserable State of Affairs 

2 May, 2021 14:00 IST|Sakshi Post

The doctor was assigned to ICU Patients.

A young Delhi doctor recently committed suicide after not being able to handle the pressure of continuously attending to Covid patients.

Dr Vivek Rai, a 36-year-old doctor was a resident of Delhi but a native of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. He was assigned to the ICU in a private hospital in Delhi. He would treat Covid19 patients and had to deal with the pressure, all the time.

The situation is so bad in the country, we know people are dying every day. Doctors even when they try, cannot save everyone. Similarly, Dr Rai would provide CPR to many patients in a day. He would try to save them, but people die in front of him. It took a toll on his mental health as he was not able to save everyone. Seeing the plight of the hospital and the patients, he became upset.

Over the course of many months, Rai had saved the lives of many. He was the frontline worker during the time of lockdown. He got married last year in November and had a baby on the way.

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The body has now been shifted to AIIMS for postmortem. Police shared that they found a suicide note. They will continue the investigation.

Talking about the situation in India, we can see that the doctors are now overwhelmed with a high number of cases. The hospitals are full and have no beds to admit these patients. This is taking a toll on the doctors and their mental health. The problem is that India is lacking in providing basic medical essentials. There is a shortage of Covid essentials like oxygen cylinders, remdesivir and other basic medical supplies.

The system has failed in providing help to these doctors. Medical experts are saying that the loss of such a talented young doctor is a failure on part of the system.

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