Will AIADMK Stay United?

30 Sep, 2020 16:26 IST|Sakshi Post

The AIADMK is facing the Tamil Nadu assembly elections for the first ever time without Jayalalithaa. The next assembly elections are going to be crucial for the AIADMK. The party does neither have the charisma nor the political strategy of Jayalalithaa. Thus it should be the time for the party to stay united and fight the election together against a well-oiled and fully armed DMK.

But, the AIADMK is today a deeply divided house. Two top leaders of AIADMK – Palaniswamy and Paneer Selvam - are now fighting for supremacy. Both want to be declared as the Chief Ministerial candidates. Unless these three factions come together, the party cannot hope to win over the DMK.

But in the recent meeting of the party,  both Palani Swamy and Paneerselvam groups have resorted to a show of strength. Paneerselvam argued that he was chosen by none other than Purutchi Thalaivi Jalalalithaa as the CM, while present Chief Minister Palaniswamy said that he enjoyed the support of the majority in the party.

But a strong section of the party wants both the leaders to remain united. Both the leaders should come together and fight the election in a united manner. Otherwise, defeating the DMK would be difficult, the party leaders feel.  Party sources said that the issue would be sorted out by October 7.  One hopes the AIADMK would stay united and fight the DMK fully. 

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