West Bengal: Ghar Wapsi For TMC Workers Who Jumped To BJP Means Head Tonsure, Public Apology

23 Jun, 2021 15:55 IST|Sakshi Post

Around 200 BJP workers in Hooghly district of West Bengal have joined back  Trinamool Congress Party. Ahead of the assembly election to TMC, 200 people had joined the BJP. The workers who had returned to the party, got their heads tonsured and gangajal sprinkled to purify themselves for joining the saffron party. The group of BJP workers publicly apologised for joining the BJP. The BJP workers held the TMC flag and joined hands with Arambagh MP Aparupa Poddar in Hooghly for their homecoming.

Scores of political activists from BJP have returned to the party across many districts of West Bengal. Ahead of the assembly election, many leaders changed their party from TMC to BJP. Earlier, this month more than 50 BJP workers in the Birbhum district joined the TMC. They staged a dharna outside the TMC office urging to be taken back into the party.

They stated that they have regretted changing from the TMC to the BJP ahead of the polls. However, the BJP party workers switching camps from BJP to TMC is termed as a consequence of post-poll violence. According to the saffron party sources, the workers of BJP are being forced to rejoin the TMC inducing fear among them for their lives and safety of their families.

After BJP workers joining the TMC, Aparupa Poddar said the party had organised a programme on Tuesday to provide free food to the poor in his Lok Sabha constituency Arambagh.

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