Tanmay Bhat's Epic Reply To Twitter User Who Predicted Coronavirus

12 May, 2021 12:06 IST|Sakshi Post
File Pic: Tanmnay Bhat

A tweet in the year 2013 predicting that coronavirus was coming by a random Twitter user has resurfaced and going viral again on the internet right now, sparking a series of reactions, tweets and memes by netizens.

In all this... stand up comedian, former AIB co-founder and YouTuber Tanmay Bhat's epic reply to the tweet can only be described as an apt reaction describing the current scenario in India with regards to the COVID Vaccination status.

 A Twitter user named Marco Acortes from the US on June 3, 2013, wrote, “Corona virus….its coming.”

To this Tanmay in his imitable style replied", bhai cowin pe slot dila sakte ho kya?

The tweet when it came into the picture last year when the pandemic broke out sent the  Twitterati into pandemonium as they were freaked by his prediction way back in 2013.

As the tweet resurfaced on the Internet, people couldn't believe that he could predict that the virus was to come 8 years ago. Others claimed that his Twitter account was hacked to change the date just to create hype. But many of them who believed it freaked out at his prediction and flooded his tweet with memes and hilarious comments.

However, if one has to check the Twitter account, his last message was on December 2016 and there have been no tweets or replies after that.

But the series of tweets and memes to his 2013 coronavirus predictions are really a laughing riot worth going through.

Check them out:

A few users actually researched the origin of the COVID-19 virus to explain that the virus actually existed before.

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