Netizens Call Out Tourists Idiocy After Their Pangong Lake Video Goes Viral

12 Apr, 2022 18:20 IST|Sakshi Post

Do you remember the picture perfect lake from the Aamir Khan-starrer blockbuster movie “3 Idiots”? The climax scene with Kareena Kapoor in a bridal dress and red helmet riding a scooter was shot at the pristine Pangong Lake. 

Netizens are expressing their outrage after a video of tourists shattering the calmness of the lake while endangering the natural habitat of this lake emerged on social media. In this video, the tourists from probably Haryana were shown driving their SUV in the serene waters of the lake. 

A local YouTuber who goes by the name Jigmat Ladakhi while sharing the undated video on Twitter calls out the irresponsible behaviour of the tourists. He says Ladakh is home to more than 350 bird species and this reckless driving in the waters would have risked the habitat of many birds.

“I am sharing again an another shameful video. Such irresponsible tourists are killing ladakh . Do you know? Ladakh have a more than 350 birds species and lakes like pangong  are the home of many bird species. Such act may have risked the habitat of many bird species(sic),” Jigmat wrote this on Twitter.

Several users have criticised the careless behaviour of the tourists shown in the video. Some users have even tagged the Haryana Police’s Twitter handle because the Audi SUV had a Haryana registration number. 

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