SBI Money Transfers via NEFT Hit Due to This Reason

24 May, 2021 16:09 IST|Sakshi Post

An important notice from SBI to customers about NEFT service interruption.

Alert for SBI customers. The reason for the interruption in NEFT services on May 23rd.

Telangana: SBI, India's largest public sector bank, released an important announcement for its customers. The following are the specifics.

The State Bank of India, India's banking behemoth, has made an important announcement for all its customers.

NEFT services were closed for 14 hours on Sunday (May 23rd), from 00.01 am to 14.00 pm (2 pm).

The inconvenience was caused by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) upgrading NEFT facilities, according to the bank.

However, the bank stated that RTGS services were available.

Customers were informed by the SBI to be aware of this.

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