Sadhguru's Isha Foundation Mahashivratri Event Beats Grammy's in Viewership!!

24 Mar, 2021 12:44 IST|Sakshi Post

A weekly chart’s update shows that a Mahashivratri celebrations Livestream scored more viewers than the Grammys. According to Pollstar’s data, the Isha Foundation’s Mahashivratri event was in the first place with the highest number of viewership while Grammys landed in the second position.

As of now, the Isha Foundation event stream is the highest viewed Livestream of March 2021. It garnered a total of 20.3 million views on all the social media platforms with the highest being on Facebook. It was a real-time stream from Coimbatore. It was a celebration filled with various events and performances.

It was a one-night event that lasted for more than 12 hours. As Mahashivratri is celebrated b people who sit in the prayer of Lord Shiva for the entire night, many events for this festival are also held at night. The Isha Foundation’s Mahashivratri celebrations began on March 11 at noon and ended on March 12 in the morning. This event that was conducted in celebration of Lord Shiva beat the much anticipated Grammys award night.

While the Grammys saw a total of 13.5 million views, the Isha Foundation live-stream ended with 20.3 million views. This is around 40 per cent more than the Grammys stream. It was the only Indian Livestream to enter in the Top 50 List of Pollstar.

Isha Foundation’s founder, Sadhguru took to Twitter in order to thank everyone who joined the celebration. “Adiyogi represents the fundamental understanding that IN is the only way out. The phenomenal response for #MahaShivRatri shows at last the world is getting ready to address human needs and possibilities by turning inward. Our gratitude and blessings to all who were with us” wrote Sadhguru.

This year, the Grammys saw one of their lowest viewership. The award show which was delayed due to the pandemic was held in March. Even with a marketing and promotion campaign that lasted for a few weeks, the 2021 Grammys couldn’t entertain the audience.

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