RT-PCR Test Report Must For Travellers To Bengaluru

29 Mar, 2021 13:48 IST|Sakshi Post

Following a sudden spike in Corona cases in Bengaluru, Karnataka’s health minister K Sudhakar on Thursday said an RT-PCR negative report will be mandatory for those coming into the capital city from all states by any mode of transport.

All travellers coming to Bengaluru from any state will be required to show a negative RT-PCR report from April 1. Minister Sudhakar added that 60 per cent of the total caseload in the city was from travellers. Therefore, all those visiting the city have to get their COVID-19 tests done.

Sudhakar also said that the rule is applicable to all, even though the person is a resident of Bengaluru. In fact, the rule is also applicable for people coming to Bengaluru from any part of Karnataka as well. The move has come a day after Bengaluru Urban was identified as one of the 10 cities with the most active viral cases and is the only one outside Maharashtra.

“Currently, it is mandatory for people travelling from Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab and Chandigarh to carry RT-PCR negative reports before coming to Bengaluru. It’ll now be applicable to all states.” BBMP officials said.

Sudhakar insisted that tough restrictions would be applicable only for those travelling to Bengaluru and did not specify how screening would work. There was no clarity about some issues — what if an inter-state passenger arrived in other parts of the state and then travelled to Bengaluru; should a vaccinated person also get an RT-PCR test done before travelling to Bengaluru and what would happen if a traveller landed in Bengaluru without an RT-PCR report.

The figures show 11,520 active cases in the city as of now. This is almost 70 per cent of the total number of Coronavirus cases in the state.

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