Reasons Why Superspreader COVID is Back in India

1 Mar, 2021 13:37 IST|Sakshi Post

India saw a decrease in the number of daily COVID19 cases in the past month. Also with the start of the Vaccination programme, things were going at a good pace. The country entered the second phase of it’s programme. But the past few days saw a surge in the number of cases.

India recorded over 16,000 new cases in the past two days. Also the number of deaths increased as well. Due to all this, risk has increased again. Especially states like Kerala and Maharashtra are now in the high risk zone again. The risk increased so much that the Odisha government decided to pass a new rule. Any person coming from Maharashtra, Punjab, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh will have to stay in a 2 week quarantine.

There are many reasons that are contributing to the increasing cases in the country, certain factors that we are ignoring and that have now led to high risk. Yes even people are ignoring many safety measures now but apart from that, there are other reasons as well.

Here are the major factors.

As the vaccine has been rolled, people have become a bit relaxed. Many are now ignoring even the basic safety measures. People are not even wearing masks and using sanitizers. The health experts requested everyone to continue following at least the basic regulations.

Now the number of people being tested has become low as well. Compared to last year, in the month of February, there was a decrease by at least 2 lakh. It is necessary that the samples are collected and the tests continue.

The number of tests being conducted in going down doesn't mean that people are not being tested positive. Even now the rate at which daily COVID19 cases are recorded is going at the regular rate only.

It was reported that India is now recording more people who are positive with the COVID variant of the UK. It started with fewer cases in the country but increased over the time. The variant has left the country to prepare for the second wave now.

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