UP Real Estate Boom: Land Prices in Ayodhya Soar Over Ram Mandir

1 Jul, 2021 11:33 IST|Sakshi Post

UP, 1st July: Owing to the Ayodhya land and Ram Mandir, travel and real estate have been booming in the Uttar Pradesh state. The city is soaring, the land prices have gone up, hotel and guest villas projects will start soon. Ayodhya is turning into a real estate dealer’s dream. Investors are dying to buy lands near the Ram Mandir or anywhere in Ayodhya.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed the plan for Ayodhya and its development. While speaking with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Modi said that the Ayodhya city should echo India’s finest. It should speak of the culture and infrastructural advancement of India. The centre wants it to be the tourist hub of the country. Along with the temple, the development plan also involves the building of highways, airports and railway stations.

“Ayodhya should manifest the finest of our traditions and the best of our developmental transformations,” told the PM in the meeting as quoted in the statement.

With the Supreme Court verdict that came out in November 2019, the Ram Mandir project was given thumbs up. The Mandir will be soon built in Ayodhya. This has completely changed the dynamics of the city. It is not just about the concrete infrastructure, the government is also focusing on making it a beautiful green land. When a person visits the city, they should be hit by the feel-good wave.

Real estate is booming, land prices have skyrocketed. People want to buy lands near the Mandir area or at least somewhere in the city. Hotel, guest houses and other deals are in process and are being finalized at a really good pace. Not just that, other infrastructure and travel facilities will be present too. The central government plans to convert Ayodhya into a tourist hub, a pilgrim spot.

You can already see it converting into a good tourist spot as many people have started going there. Ayodhya has become the first choice for many. Especially during Diwali or Ram Navami or any other religious day, the city sees a boost. Due to the Covid induced lockdown, people have not been able to travel a lot, but as soon as they get a chance, or there is a break in the restriction, people are planning trips to Ayodhya.

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