Rajmachi Local Youth Rescue Vizag Girl Injured In Trekking Mishap

26 Jan, 2021 11:15 IST|Sakshi Post

Local villagers and mountaineers rescued a 24-year-old trekker named Meena from Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, when she had hurt herself during a trekking trip at Rajmachi Fort near Pune, Maharashtra.

Rajmachi is a historical Hill fort situated in the Sahyadri Mountains and consists of two twin fortresses Shriwardhan and Manaranjan.

As per reports the girl along with three of her friends from Hyderabad were descending from Shriwardhan citadel, in the morning when she slipped at a mini patch and twisted her knee. There was a fracture from the joint and she was unable to walk due to the injury and severe pain. Her trek-mates gave her a painkiller and a knee brace to make her stable. Meanwhile a trekker coming down from the fort gave information about the injured girl to the local villagers at Rajmachi.

The rescue was coordinated by veteran trekker and mountaineer Rahul Meshram, the President of Tekshitiz Sanstha, who is also the Mumbai head of Maharashtra Mountaineers Rescue Coordination Centre.

Talking about the rescue efforts Mesharam said,'' I was at Udhewadi with my family,” when the Forest and Village Joint Committee representative Ganesh Umbre informed him about the incident.

“The local team was getting ready for the rescue which I too joined. As there was no stretcher available with locals, I advised them to carry bed sheets along with rope and bamboo. Our team reached the injured girl and immediately started the rescue,” he said.

As a certified medical first-aider, Meshram examined her condition. “As her weight was more, we decided to make a rope harness to carry her down. After safely attaching her to the makeshi stretcher arrangements, we started slowly descending the fort with the injured girl.

We as a team took extreme precautions of ourselves and her to carry her down on the rocky steps patch of the fort,” he said. As soon as the descent was complete, she was rushed to a local hospital in Lonavala.

Watch the rescue video here: 

“This fast rescue was possible only because of the local youth adventure lovers of Rajmachi village,” he said, adding that the rescue team included Pratap Umbare, Sangam Vare, Ganesh Umbre, Ashok Umbre, Suraj Vare, Vitthal Mengaal, Shyam, Khandu Vare, Dnyaneshwar Umbare, Tukaram Umbare.

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