Rajkot Man Dies After Falling Into Well While Trying To Run From Ex-Girlfriend’s Brother

27 Feb, 2021 17:17 IST|Sakshi Post

An escape turned out to be bad for a man when he tried to run from his ex-girlfriend’s brother but ended up losing his life. The incident took place in Rajkot, Gujarat on February 20 when the man was running to save himself but instead fell in a well.

The victim was identified as Ujjain Singh Gautam, a resident of Rajkot in Gujarat. Singh is a married man who went to meet his ex-lover when his wife went out to attend an event. The wife along with two kids had gone to a wedding. Singh took this opportunity to visit his ex-girlfriend.

But what Gautam thought would be a fun meet with his ex-lover, it turned out deadly for him. Gautam and his ex, Anju were chatting and spending time with each other on February 20’s night. After sometime, Anju’s brother got disturbed due to the noise and woke up. Suspecting a random person’s presence in the house, he decided to check.

This is when Gautam realized and started running from the house but Anju’s brother saw his silhouette and began running behind him. It was late night and things were pretty difficult to see. While running Gautam was not able to see a well in front of him and since the well had no walls or fence, he accidently fell into it.

When Gautam didn’t return home for a long time, his wife Jyotika got worried and decided to report it to the police. The officers started their search and found a motorcycle dumped in an abandoned land. They continued their search and investigated Anju. She confessed that Gautam had come to meet her.

The police searched along the way that Gautam had ran off to and came across a well. There they found Gautam’s body lying in the well. After the body was recovered, the police informed Gautam’s wife Jyotika.

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