Railway Ministry's Big Shock to Passengers Travelling on Train

9 Jun, 2022 16:06 IST|Sakshi Post

Gone are the days when you could carry as much luggage as you could on a train. Now, all that is going to change. The Railway Ministry has announced on its social media handle, asking travellers not to carry heavy luggages in the train. 
It says that if a passenger has heavy luggage, they could use railways parcel service. 

Netizens are now worried after the railways statement saying they would start charging extra money for extra luggage like the airways. Scores of them have commented on that saying it is not good to levy extra luggage charges on the common man. 

After this, the railway ministry understood the misinterpretation of its message and released another statement saying they were not imposing any new rules on luggage, they were just asking passengers to travel light to ease their burden.

Have a look at the tweet posted by the Railways

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