Rahul Gandhi Leads Opposition’s Protest Against Centre

3 Aug, 2021 12:50 IST|Sakshi Post

The opposition has been raising their voice against the centre in matters concerning farmers' protest, Pegasus spyware, Covid19 in India, and other issues in the country. All these issues were to be discussed and during their breakfast meeting, the opposition discussed whether to have a mock parliament or not?   

Earlier Rahul Gandhi joined the farmers' protest with a tractor rally. He said that the center is not listening to the farmers and are making things difficult for them. These farmers have been protesting for so long and the center refused to listen to their plea. So he has come with them to make the parliament listen to the farmers.

The farmers' protest has been going on since November. They have been at the Delhi border. Many marches and rallies have been conducted till now. A lot of discussions and meetings happened over the period of several months. But there seems to be no conclusion to it.

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Now Gandhi rode a bicycle to the Parliament to protest against the rising fuel prices. He was also joined by other opposition leaders. The cycle was a message to the centre. If the fuel prices are rising, we can only ride cycles now.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor tweeted saying, “After a sumptuous breakfast, leaders of eleven Opposition parties spoke briefly about the importance of unity in Parliament and on the ground in the struggle against the anti-people policies & undemocratic actions of the BJP government. We are witnessing something special here.”

Along with Rahul Gandhi, other opposition leaders are also protesting against the government regarding the farm laws and other issues. Around 14 opposition parties attended Gandhi’s meeting last week. He raised questions against the Pegasus spyware as well. He said it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi behind the controversy. Modi put the spyware on the phones of certain political leaders, he should be questioned for it.

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