Rahul Gandhi Cooks Mushroom Biryani On Tamil Nadu's Famous 'Village Cooking Channel'

30 Jan, 2021 12:00 IST|Sakshi Post

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi surprised all and sundry by taking part in a cooking show. Yes! He was in Tamil Nadu last week for election campaigning and appeared in popular Tamil cooking YouTube channel, 'Village Cooking Channel'.

In the video, one could see Rahul Gandhi helping the persons. He calls out the names of ingredients in Tamil. He donned a blue coloured T-shirt and teamed it up with black coloured pants. He greets the chefs by saing 'Vannakkam'. Karur Member of Parliament (MP) and Congress leader Jothimani accompanied Rahul Gandhi.

After the biryani is done, Rahul Gandhi sat with the other members on the mat and had a conversation with them. They said that it is their dream to go abroad and cook. Then Rahul Gandhi says them that he will call one of his friends in the US and arrange for them to go to abroad for cooking.

The Congress vice-president asks them to try doing something new and explore the cuisines of other Indian states as well. The members of 'Village Cooking Channel' said that they couldn't believe that Rahul Gandhi had food with them.

Rahul Gandhi tasted Mushroom Biryani along with them in a banana leaf and said 'Nalla Iruku' (tastes good) in Tamil. While leaving Rahul Gandhi said that, "It is excellent. Next time when I am coming, you have to make me try the termite (dish)."  Here is the video.

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