From Poor Tenant Farmer To Millionaire: How MP Man Found Diamond In Leased Land

7 Dec, 2020 16:59 IST|Sakshi Post

A farmer from Madhya Pradesh was fortunate enough to find an expensive diamond that changed his life forever.  The 45-year-old farmer, Lakhan Yadav who hails from Panna, leased a small plot of land last month at a cost of Rs 200. While he was flattening and digging out the stones and sawdust, he found a colored stone. He suspected that it was a diamond and took the stone to a nearby District Diamond Officer. He tested the stone and declared that it was a 14.98-carat diamond.

With this, Yadav's happiness knew no bounds. He auctioned the precious stone for Rs 60 lakhs. Speaking on the occasion, Lakhan Yadav said, "That diamond changed my life. I could not read much. That is why I will make a fixed deposit in the bank. With the money that comes from that, I will give my sons a good education,” he said. 

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