Is PM Modi's Ever-growing Beard Linked To COVID-19 Pandemic?

1 Oct, 2020 13:20 IST|Sakshi Post

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes his appearance on the screen, each time his beard grows longer. The look of the country's most important person has generated curiosity among the citizens. Netizens keep on wondering why is Modi growing his beard without trimming it since the time the COVID-19 lockdown began? Others ask, "Has he taken a vow that he will not trim his beard until the end of the pandemic?". His ever-growing beard has been a topic of discussion.

In fact, when Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar interviewed the PM, Kumar asked him about his beard which is always well-kept to which Modi had chuckled.

Watch the video:

Of the 12 male Prime Ministers in India, only three had beards, who were Chandra Sekhar, IK Gujral, Manmohan Singh who kept it due to his Sikh, and now Narendra Modi.

In India, sporting a beard has always been seen as carrying a message. Political analysts say that it signals masculinity and some also pointed out that it signals asceticism. If one may recall, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted to renounce the worldly affairs and aspired to become a monk.

But, as he not shaved his beard since the time the COVID-19 pandemic began, the look could perhaps be a signal of him trying to send the message that he is staying indoors.

Not just this, as he has asking the citizens to stay indoors and wear a mask, the PM is also seen always sporting a simple khadi scarf and sometimes a gamusa (traditional piece of cloth or towel and an identifiable cultural signifier of the Assamese community), which he uses to cover his mouth and nose. This look of his has been emulated by othe rpoliticians including Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. Have a look:

Have a look at what netizens think about his ever-growing beard.

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