Cambridge Praises Modi's Corona Handling

19 Sep, 2020 16:14 IST|Sakshi Post

A research by the University of Cambridge has shown that Modi’s communications strategies proved highly successful during the Covid 19 lockdown. The study found that frequent nudges by Modi have influenced the people significantly. They made the people stay at home and follow the restrictions faithfully, the study said.

The study also said that Modi’s nudges had helped in getting micro donations, supplying of free meals to the stranded labourers and assisted in Covid preparation. The Study, published in a journal called PLOS One has said that Modi was in the forefront of the fight against Corona virus. It also praised his mitigation strategies. It said Modi’s frequent communications have helped in demonstrating the strength of public participation in fighting the pandemic.

Modi’s strategies have helped in making India self-sufficient in the production of the PPEs, masks and sanitisers. At the start of the lockdown, India did not have the needed paraphernalia to fight Covid. It was Modi’s leadership that helped the country develop self sufficiency, the study said. It also lauded Modi’s role in popularising masks and hand wash.

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