PM Modi Invites Kamala Harris to India

25 Sep, 2021 12:01 IST|Sakshi Post
Prime Minister spoke about India's push for increasing renewable energy and the recently launched National Hydrogen Mission

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi met Her Excellency Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States of America, in Washington DC on 23 September 2021, during his visit to the USA.

They expressed happiness at their first in-person meeting. They warmly recalled their telephone conversation earlier in June 2021. They exchanged views on recent global developments, including in Afghanistan and reaffirmed their commitment towards a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region.

The two leaders discussed the COVID-19 situation in their respective countries, including ongoing efforts to contain the pandemic through expedited vaccination efforts, and ensuring supply of critical medicines, therapeutics and healthcare equipment.

Both sides acknowledged the importance of collaborative action on climate change. Prime Minister spoke about India's push for increasing renewable energy and the recently launched National Hydrogen Mission. He also emphasized the importance of lifestyle changes to promote environmental sustainability.

They also discussed areas of future collaboration, including space cooperation, Information Technology, especially emerging and critical technologies, as well as the cooperation in healthcare sector. Both leaders acknowledged the vibrant people-to-people linkages as the bedrock of the mutually beneficial education linkages and the flow of knowledge, innovation and talent between our two countries.

Prime Minister Modi invited Vice-President Kamala Harris and Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff to visit India soon.

Here are excerpts from PM Modi's speech


First of all, I’d like to express my gratitude for the warm welcome that you have extended to me and to my delegation.Excellency, some months ago we had an opportunity to talk to each other on the phone, we had a detailed discussion at that time and the way you spoke to me so warmly and so naturally, I will always remember that, Thank you so much. It was, Excellency, if you remember, a very difficult time. India was confronted with the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, a very difficult time for us. So, like a family, the sense of kinship and so warmly you extended a helping hand. The words that you chose when you spoke to me, I will always remember that and I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.Like a true friend, Excellency, you had given a message of cooperation and a very full of sensitivity and immediately after that we found that the US government, the US Corporate sector and the Indian community, all came together to help India.


President Biden and yourself, you took up the leadership of the United States in a very challenging atmosphere and challenging times but within a very short period of time, you have had many achievements to your credit whether that be COVID, Climate or the Quad, on all these issues, the United States has taken very important initiatives.


Amongst the largest democracy and the oldest democracy, between the India and the United States, we are indeed natural partners. We have similar values, similar geopolitical interests and also our coordination and cooperation is continuously increasing. To strengthen the supply chains Excellency, and as far as the new and emerging technologies are concerned, and Space, these are areas of special interest to you, these are areas which are of special interest to me too and special priority and these are areas where our cooperation is very important.


Between India and the US the very vibrant and strong people to people connections that we have, you know that all too well. More than 4 million people of Indian origin, the Indian community is a bridge between our two countries, a bridge of friendship and their contribution to the economies and societies of both our countries is indeed very praiseworthy.


Your being elected as the Vice President of the United States of America itself has been such an important and historic event. You are the source of inspiration for so many people across the world. I am completely confident that under President Biden and your leadership, our bilateral relationship will touch new heights.


Continuing on this journey of victory, Indians also would want you to continue that in India and, therefore, they are waiting to welcome you and, therefore, I extend to you especially an invitation to visit India.Once again Excellency, let me thank you and express my gratitude for this very warm welcome.

DISCLAIMER: This is only a loose translation of Prime Minister’s remarks. Original speech was delivered in Hindi.

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